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Welcome to Flux Studio!
My name is Julia - I'm the Founder and Designer here at Flux and I'm so thankful you've stopped by. When I was about six or seven years old, I remember taking apart different earrings to create my own designs - I liked certain parts of each earring but wanted something I truly LOVED. I also had awful reactions to the cheap metals found in most earrings, often times breaking out into itchy red bumps that would tear up my skin. Things got better as I got older, but during college I wanted to change things completely. 
My senior year of college in 2020 was when I started creating jewelry professionally - what started as a Creative Business project using resin and dried flowers from my senior Fashion Design collection has blossomed into the growing business you see now. My jewelry is inspired by those of us who have difficulty finding jewelry that won't break us out in bumps or itchy red marks, jewelry we can wear confidently and comfortably throughout the day and forget we even have it on. I also wouldn't be creating if I didn't want my customers to be 1000% satisfied with their purchase, which is why I'm always taking custom orders. I want you to be as in love with the piece you design with me as much as I loved creating my own earrings as a kid. 
Each piece I've designed on this site is with the intention of it being worn day after day, any time of year. I stick mainly to Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, and Stainless Steel materials, with the exception of one Vermeil Gold hoop style (AND with Solid Gold rings coming soon!). I find these metals are the best for longevity, while catering to those of us with metal allergies/irritations. No matter what style you choose from Flux, I hope it's something you'll be able to wear over and over again, and feel comfortable knowing that it's allergy safe and wear tested.