How It's All Made

I create every piece of jewelry by hand at home in Massachusetts. I focus on delivering impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, from designing to shipping. When making the jewelry, I often stray away from the original idea I had in mind...not so much intentionally, but my work always takes on a new life than what was planned. 
Sometimes I start with a sketch, but usually I like to jump right in and start creating. I like to practice my ideas with Sterling Silver first, as it's easier to recycle and re-use later down the line. After the design is finalized, I polish and clean the jewelry, testing and playing with the jewelry so I know it's wearable and will last a long time (personally, I only wear my own jewelry just so I know it'll last!). Only upon receiving an order is when I start making the jewelry - I don't like to keep multiple pieces on hand in case they don't find a home with a customer, that way I cut down on waste and am able to use my materials as sustainably as possible. 
I relish in every step of the handmade process, embracing the imperfections and the "mistakes". I also hold myself to high standards when making the jewelry, and I want to ensure I offer the best quality I can achieve.